Native Board Import (NBI) for CATIA

NBI the bridge between ECAD and MCAD

Create a full representation of your Board within SolidWorks. Define the stack-up that should be included in the 3D import of your device. There is no limitation. With NBI all layers available within ODB++ can be converted to a 3D part and will be placed in an assembly on the right position. All objects are drawn on the SolidWorks sketcher and will be extruded with the defined value. Import everything to 3D or to a drawing. It enables to use all functions available in SolidWorks on the created import without any limitation. All data will be “native” in CATIA.

The integration of PCB’s goes the next step. Devices shirk with each spin of development. To enable your development flow being ready for connecting your 3D mechanic design to PCB’s we build NBI Native Board Import transferring all the intelligence from ODB++ to your 3D mechanic tool. NBI is ready to be used in conjunction with ODB++ and SolidWorks. Clarify important questions long before building up the first prototype.

One of the great advantages is there is no need to create different outputs from your E-CAD system. Use one data output for 2D and 3D.

NBI Stack-up definition
PCB Assembly Overview
PCB Assembly Detail
PCB Drawing

Useful Documentation

» Demodesign

  • Find hot spots "Thermal Management"
  • Calculate copper volumes and power consumption
  • Check for twist and bow
  • Check board integration to housing
  • Component access for pick and place
  • Flow simulation for in line production?
  • Tool fitting used for production of board
  • Board wafer box fitting
  • Tool fitting size and position for screwing
  • Ground connection to housing
  • Find High Voltage leaks
  • Check cooling System
  • Check satellite PCB fitting

Use NBI wherever you need details of the PCB attached to mechanic. Get faster results for rigid and flex development of new products. NPI new product introduction support in a new way..