STS Software Development

PCB development makes it to the next level: PCBs are indispensible elements in more and more areas.

Meeting various mechanical requirements in combination with electronic factors and a detailled stack up are therefore crucial for the success of your product.

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Our Philosophy

STS Software Development can help to optimize your business process, from development & production all the way to sales & service.

Our comprehensive and flexible product line provides a wide range of import and export functionalities while offering a homogeneous software environment.

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Our Services

  • Requirement Specification
  • Developing a solution strategy
  • Delivery and installation of CAD/CAM/PDM-Software
  • Adapting the software to fit our clients' specific needs
  • Training for Users
  • Support for our clients based on maintanance contracts

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Our Promise

We optimize your Development Process based on our years of experience, excellent know-how and expertise.